Edinburgh Training Courses 2017-18

Supervision & Mission 29 Sep & 27 Oct

Two day introductory workshop exploring pastoral supervision and its place within ministry and mission; differences between supervision, line management, spiritual accompaniment and personal therapy; opportunities for soulful supervision within the course group

Toolkits & Frameworks 24 Nov & 19 Jan

Two day course exploring working agreements; power and vulnerability in supervision; core skills & competencies; eliciting, tracking and exploring the supervisory focus; getting beneath the stories practitioners tell to the heart of the matter; building a bridge from reflection back to practice.

Taken together Supervision & Mission and Toolkits & Frameworks meet the training requirements for accreditation as a General Accredited Supervisor with APSE.

Certificate in Pastoral Supervision 16 Feb, 16 Mar, 13 Apr, 18 May

Those who have successfully completed Supervision & Mission and Toolkits & Frameworks (or an equivalent short skills based course elsewhere) can enroll on this certificate level course which pays attention not only to the ‘then and there’ of the pastoral scenario (ie the material supervisees bring to supervision) but also to the ‘here and now’ of the supervision session (in the dynamics between supervisor and supervisee). Course content includes context and culture in supervision; stakeholders and organisational dynamics; unspoken and unconscious factors in supervision; collusion, avoidance and sabotage.

Upon completion of this course participants will have met the training requirements for accreditation as a Senior Accredited Supervisor with APSE. .

Diploma in Pastoral Supervision 15 Jun, 14 Sep, 19 Oct, 16 Nov

Upon completion of the certificate, this professional course is open to those who accompany others and focuses on four key areas: theological reflection; integrative practice; team and group supervision; professional practice. In addition students work on a project of personal interest.

Full details from:
Rev Dr Michael Paterson
Director, Institute of Pastoral Supervision & Reflective Practice