Accredited Members

APSE has members right across the UK drawn from a variety of areas of work and ministry.

Applications for Accreditation opened on 1 July 2009. Since then the following have been accredited as Pastoral Supervisors – APS and/or as Educators for Pastoral Supervision – AEPS.


Name Accreditation Location Since
Michael Paterson APS / AEPS Edinburgh September 2009
Jane Leach APS / AEPS Cambridge November 2009
Tony Nolan APS Cardiff January 2010
John-Francis Friendship APS Romford, Chelmsford and central London February 2010
Guy Harrison APS London March 2010
Charles Hampton APS Oxford March 2010
Deborah Ford APS Cambridge May 2010
Ruth Dormandy APS London July 2010
David Flagg APS Kent July 2010
Jessica Rose APS London July 2010
Julia Barrett APS Exeter August 2010
Maureen King APS Kent & Sussex August 2010
Judith Thompson APS Wiltshire August 2010
Gill Carding APS North Wales September 2010
John Austerberry APS Newcastle under Lyme September 2010
Chrissie Wood APS/AEPS Higham September 2010
Sue Clements-Jewry APS Huddersfield September 2010
Mogs Bazeley APS/AEPS Norwich June 2011
Diane Clutterbuck APS/AEPS Belfast November 2011
Ruth Craig APS/AEPS Belfast February 2012
Bob Whorton APS Oxford September 2013
Declan Mulligan APS Co. Down April 2013
Muriel Knox APS Aberdeen April 2014
Jenny Williams APS Edinburgh June 2014
Mary Ferris APS Sidmouth, Devon May 2015
Peter Madsen Gubi Snr APS Cheshire April 2016