Summary Information

What is APSE?

APSE is a network of people and organisations involved in pastoral supervision and interested in training in pastoral supervision. Our members include Healthcare chaplains, Local clergy, Spiritual directors, Theological educators, Church education officers, Pastoral counsellors.

What is Pastoral Supervision?

Garden entrancePastoral Supervision offers pastoral workers a retreat from the demands of their responsibilities where resourcing and reflection can occur within a regular, planned, intentional, boundaried space. It provides a safe place where pastoral workers can be supported and challenged to become the best practitioners they can be for the benefit of the people they serve.

Pastoral supervision is not

spiritual accompaniment, counselling or line management. However, in common with these activities it is characterised by a relationship built on trust and openness so that the supervisee has the freedom and safety to explore work-related issues in an intentional environment. Reflecting with a trained supervisor enables the supervisee to develop ethical competence and confidence and the capacity to meet each person and situation with energy, resilience, compassion and courage.

Pastoral supervision offers

an opportunity to further develop skills and self awareness, discover new perspectives, gain new insights regarding interpersonal and group dynamics, reflect theologically, discharge feelings, maintain a healthy work / life balance, manage boundaries, interpret and handle situations differently, understand the impact of the work on all concerned, receive encouragement and feedback, connect with vision, recharge energy