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Newly elected chairperson for APSE

The Board of Trustees elected David Ryder as the new chairperson for APSE at their meeting on the 22nd of April 2024. At our AGM on the 11th of June, Brenda Mosedale, handed over the leadership. We wish Brenda well and look forward to David’s leadership. 

About Us

APSE is a network of people and organisations involved in Pastoral Supervision and interested in training pastoral supervisors. (Registered charity: 1181559)
Our members include healthcare chaplains, therapists, clinicians, counsellors, ordained ministers, spiritual directors, theological educators, church education officers and other professionals.


The conduct of an accredited supervisor will be examined at accreditation and again at five yearly reviews. Each member and Accredited Pastoral Supervisor accepts that it is at all times imperative to conduct oneself in a manner which is a credit to their profession and in accordance with the following general principles.

Any accredited Pastoral Supervisor is required to:

  1. only accept supervisees who are aware of the role and relationship provided by supervision, making that clear through a contracting-in process either in writing, or by verbal agreement, or ideally both;
  2. contract the terms of confidentiality and maintain clear professional boundaries;
  3. explain and agree the role of supervision in fostering and developing a supervisee’s professional development and monitoring their fitness to practice; and the action the supervisor will take when fitness to practice has been compromised;
  4. act immediately, and in accordance with the law, if a supervisee discloses information relating to risk of harm to self or others;
  5. act with due respect for integrity and difference, including sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion, disability, or gender;
  6. in matters relating to the wellbeing of a supervisee, act solely in the interests of the supervisee;
  7. use their professional judgment to encourage supervisees who require further support to seek that support for themselves, whether through spiritual guidance, counselling, medical attention, or some other source of support;
  8. maintain regular and sufficient supervision for the supervisor or educator’s own practice and workload; [1]
  9. be appropriately insured for any supervision work undertaken;
  10.  engage in regular professional development activities.

[1] It is expected that Accredited Supervisors would receive a minimum of one hour of supervision for every ten hours of providing supervision.

Our Purpose

The purpose of APSE is to promote high standards of pastoral supervision by:

  • Fostering groups for the support, accountability and continuing development of pastoral supervisors;
  • Encouraging conversation amongst the various traditions and contexts of pastoral supervision and pastoral supervision education;
  • Supporting initiatives in the training of pastoral supervisors;
  • Providing a system of accreditation for pastoral supervisors and educators in pastoral supervision.
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