2 March 2018 Listening to Ignite: CPD Day

The Transformative Role of Pastoral Supervision

Date: Friday 2nd March
Time: 10:00 – 16:00
Where: Cornerstone Centre, St John’s Princes Street, Edinburgh
Cost: The workshop fee is £55

CPD Day for all those with concern for the dialogue between soul and role and context.

Keynote presentation by Bobby Moore, author of Reflexive Supervision: A Workbook for Learning Within and Across Professions.  Keynote performance by Professional Artists and Supervisors.

Workshops include

  • Creative approaches in supervision
  • When the Boundaries Betray Us (a conversation arising out of a professional practice hearing)
  • Supervision, Therapy and Spiritual Direction
  • ‘Showing up in Supervision’ An Experiential workshop

Work In Progress Papers includes

  • The role of supervision in formation for ministry
  • Supervision and Clergy Stress

Poetry / Art / Music / Film

There will be an opportunity to showcase participants’ creativity in relation to supervision.

Invitations to present workshops or work in progress papers/host conversations are sought.


Enquiries and bookings to michael@ipsrp.org.uk.