Continuing professional development (CPD) is any learning experience that can be used for the systematic maintenance, improvement and broadening of competence, knowledge and skills to ensure that the Pastoral Supervisor has the capacity to practise safely, effectively and legally within their evolving scope of practice. It may include both personal and professional development.


Most Pastoral Supervisors are already engaged with CPD. Any activity that has an impact on current or future professional practice may be included. Please note that Supervision of Pastoral Supervision is a separate activity and should not be submitted as CPD. The list below provides examples of CPD activities but is not definitive:


  • Conferences (in-person or online)


  • E-learning CPD modules/events


  • Formal education lectures, seminars, courses


  • Giving a conference presentation


  • In-service training


  • APSE Regional groups


  • Organising specialist groups


  • Reading relevant books/articles


  • Supervising research into Pastoral Supervision


  • Training


  • Updating your knowledge through podcasts / YouTube


  • Workshops (running as a facilitator or attending as a participant)


  • Writing articles, papers, book chapters or books


Ideally, you should include a mixture of learning activities in your choice of CPD, although you may choose to concentrate on a specific type of activity because you find that it is most appropriate for you.


Please note that when you renew your membership as an Accredited or Senior Accredited Pastoral Supervisor, you will need to account for your CPD over a five-year period (20 hours per year). Please keep a record of your CPD activity as you go along and collect certificates of attendance, where possible, as evidence.