Liz Crumlish
Lisa Curtice
Sheryl Anderson

I discovered the importance of supervision whilst working in full time Hospital chaplaincy and maintained that discipline when I moved into parish ministry. I completed a Diploma in Psychodynamic Counselling and volunteered for a time at the Tom Allan Centre in Glasgow. I also hold a Diploma in Palliative Care and a Diploma in Pastoral Supervision. I am a senior accredited member of APSE and an associate of the Institute of Pastoral Supervision and Reflective Practice, co-teaching the Institute’s certificate and diploma courses. Best wishes, Liz

I have been an APSE accreted supervisor from 2020. I obtained the Diploma in Pastoral Supervision and Reflective Practice from ISRP in 2019. I am drawn to pastoral supervision because of the space it provides for safe and imaginative reflection. I have  found it to be a source of restoration, sustenance and challenge in her own ministry and life. Best wishes, Lisa

I am a presbyter in the Methodist Church, currently serving in Liverpool. I was involved in the pilot project to introduce pastoral supervision for ministers within  the British Methodist Church, so have been in supervision and regularly supervising since 2016. I am part of the team that trains supervisors to be accredited as supervisors within Methodism and also supervisors of supervision. I hold the Diploma in Supervision from Wesley House, Cambridge. I am deeply committed to pastoral supervision as a means to support the vocational development of all disciples. Best wishes, Sheryl

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