Trustee Board

Each year members are invited to nominate possible Trustees to the Board. If you would like to know more about how Trustees work, please contact our Secretary Andre Groenewald on 


In the meantime, meet the current Trustees:-

Trustee and Chair

David Ryder

David is a Salvation Army Officer and on the 5th July 2020 will have completed 45 years of ministry and service. His ministry, along with his late wife Florence(also a SA Officer), for the first 29 years were in Corps (church-based) appointments in Northern Ireland, Cumbria, Lancashire and Yorkshire then Luton. He spent 6 years on divisional headquarters as Mission Director in West Scotland and Yorkshire. The last 10 years of his ministry has been with the Well Being Department and for the past 5 as Head of Regional Well Being Services. He supports officers and senior managers around the UK – signposting to counselling and therapies, coaching and mentoring, mediation, mindfulness, pastoral supervision etc. He retires as an active officer on 1st May 2021. Living in Yorkshire allows him to be near his three married sons and their families including 7 grandchildren. He is looking forward to sharing in the vision and development of APSE as pastoral supervision becomes even more necessary following the implications of COVID-19 pandemic.

Trustee and Vice-Chair

Deanne Gardner

Deanne is a psychotherapist and supervisor, and has been a member of APSE for five years. As a supervisor her work has included undertaking a clinical co-ordinator’s role in a charity offering counselling to survivors of incest and sexual abuse. Her current supervision practice includes offering individual and group clinical supervision, and she works with both trainee and qualified counsellors. She is a member of the New Testament Church of God, and married to a Pastor. Within the Church, she oversees counselling teams that are made available during national Church conferences. Since COVID-19, she has been asked to offer group supervision for the Church of God of Prophecy counselling team. She has a passion for pastoral supervision, and for her recent doctoral research, explored the emotional demands made on the wives of clergy within the New Testament Church of God.

Trustee and Secretary to the Board

André Groenewald

André  is the minister of Balerno Parish Church of Scotland. He has been a minister for 25 years of which 14 years were in South Africa. He has also been a part-time lecturer in South Africa at the University of Pretoria, before immigrating to Scotland in 2008. He gained his BA, BD, MDiv, DD (PHD) in Systematic Theology, and joined APSE in 2018. He obtained the Diploma in Pastoral Supervision and Reflective Practice with the Institute of Pastoral Supervision and Reflective Practice on the 20th of March 2020. He takes delight in the fact that Pastoral Supervision can be a powerful way of supporting all professionals in the helping professions to talk about and focus on their work through words, creativity, imagination and visual aids. He and his wife, who is also a minister, have two sons.

Membership Secretary (Temp) (not a Trustee)

Enquiries to Joolz Crabtree-Walker

Joolz has a background in journalism and charity administration. She lives in West Yorkshire with her cat.


Kate Gartside

I am a mother of 2 grown up children both taller than me and 4 grandchildren rapidly growing taller than me!  I have a husband who supports me along the road I travel, and I’m a retired URC Minister who is still involved in church work.  I’m passionate about Pastoral Supervision and have been for many a year, prior to entering full-time ministry I was a counsellor and supervisor and realised immediately that ministry is a lonely business and one in which the demands are high.  I saw the seeds of APSE take root and kept ‘an eye on what was happening’, I also realised what a benefit it would be to create ‘a safe space’ for those in ministry and upon retirement worked in a task group to help the URC decide on a policy for its ministers.   I also became a member of APSE in 2018, felt God call me into the role of Pastoral Supervisor and have since had the joy of sharing in the North West Regional group meetings, APSE conferences and workshops leading me to meet other Pastoral Supervisors, many of whom have encouraged me along the way.  If you asked me why I want to serve as a trustee, my only reply would be, ‘I’m not sure I do’… but I’ve been asked, I’ve prayed about this and feel that it is a step I am being asked to take along the road I am travelling and one that I have time, energy and enthusiasm for.   I won’t always get it right but there are good folk alongside me who will guide me when I need direction and I have the humility to take advice.


Sally-Anne Bubbers

Sally has been a member of APSE since 2017 and has served on the conference planning sub-group for two years and the Training, Research and Publication sub-group for one year. She is a psychotherapeutic counsellor, UKCP registered (accredited), offering counselling, clinical and pastoral supervision, facilitation of reflective practice groups and workshops. . She has a master’s in counselling psychology and is a certified therapist in Internal Family Systems and Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, with a particular interest in the impact of developmental trauma on adult mental and physical health. Sally is the Bishop’s Advisor for Pastoral Care for the Diocese of Lichfield, with responsibility for co-ordinating the diocesan counselling service which also offers individual pastoral supervision for clergy in the Diocese. Sally is currently an associate workplace chaplain to the retail sector with Faith at Work in Worcestershire.Sally has been working as a clergy counsellor since 2011 and pastoral supervisor since 2017. Her interest in clergy wellbeing has also led to her involvement in the work of St Luke’s For Clergy. She is married to Richard, a Rector in the Church of England, as well as being a mother and grandmother. Sally is passionate about pastoral supervision and is keen to support the Association of Pastoral Supervisors and Educators (APSE) in its work.

Trustee and convener of Training, Research and Publications sub-group

Peter Gubi

Peter is an ordained Moravian Presbyter, currently serving as Minister of Dukinfield Moravian Church. He is also Professor of Counselling and Spiritual Accompaniment at the University of Chester, UK, and has a private practice in Pastoral Supervision. He is an APSE Senior Accredited Pastoral Supervisor, a BACP Senior Accredited Counsellor/Psychotherapist and a BACP Senior Accredited Supervisor of Individuals. He has a particular interest in clergy well-being, and has published six books, among which is: ‘Reflective Practice Groups for Clergy: Offering Pastoral Supervision, Well-being Support and Spiritual Formation in community’ (2020). Peter has researched, written and published extensively on the intersection between the psychological and the theological. He has led on, and written, the Moravian Church’s (British Province) policy on Pastoral Supervision which has been rolled out to all serving Ministers and paid Church Workers, and been evaluated twice. He co-ordinates the Pastoral Supervision provision in the Moravian Church (British Province). He is particularly keen to advocate and increase research into Pastoral Supervision and to establish a research culture in Pastoral Supervision. He supervises several doctoral research projects at Chester University and would like to supervise more research on Pastoral Supervision, and see more research evidence published to underpin the practice and funding of Pastoral Supervision. He chairs the Training, Research and Publication sub-group in APSE and is a member of the North West regional group.

Trustee Lisa Curtice

“I have been an APSE accredited supervisor from 2020. I obtained the Diploma in Pastoral Supervision and Reflective Practice from ISRP in 2019. I am drawn to pastoral supervision because of the space it provides for safe and imaginative reflection. I have  found it to be a source of restoration, sustenance and challenge in her own ministry and life.”

Trustee Liz Crumlish

“I discovered the importance of supervision whilst working in full time Hospital chaplaincy and maintained that discipline when I moved into parish ministry. I completed a Diploma in Psychodynamic Counselling and volunteered for a time at the Tom Allan Centre in Glasgow. I also hold a Diploma in Palliative Care and a Diploma in Pastoral Supervision. I am a senior accredited member of APSE and an associate of the Institute of Pastoral Supervision and Reflective Practice, co-teaching the Institute’s certificate and diploma courses.”

Trustee Sheryl Anderson

“I am a presbyter in the Methodist Church, currently serving in Liverpool. I was involved in the pilot project to introduce pastoral supervision for ministers within  the British Methodist Church, so have been in supervision and regularly supervising since 2016. I am part of the team that trains supervisors to be accredited as supervisors within Methodism and also supervisors of supervision. I hold the Diploma in Supervision from Wesley House, Cambridge. I am deeply committed to pastoral supervision as a means to support the vocational development of all disciples.”

Trustee Sarah Evans

Sarah Evans is an ordained Salvation Army officer and, following over 30 years in local corps (congregation) ministry and divisional leadership, was appointed as national Director of Wellbeing in 2020. Having first encountered pastoral supervision back in 2018, since then she has successfully completed the Wesley House Diploma and offers supervision to officers and other clergy. Within the Valuing People Strategy Sarah has responsibility for the Healthy & Flourishing Environments stream and is passionate about increasing access to reflective practice spaces and other forms of accompanied development for everyone working within The Salvation Army.