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Sarah Evans

Sarah Evans is an ordained Salvation Army officer and, following her initial career as a teacher, has served for over thirty years in local corps (congregation) ministry and divisional leadership. She was appointed as national Director of Wellbeing in 2020 and has oversight of The Salvation Army Counselling Service and the Regional Well Being team, that offer therapy, supervision, coaching, and critical incident care to the denomination’s personnel and their families, as well as an internal mediation service. She is also responsible for the psychological assessment programme for applicants for full-time ministry as officers. Having first encountered pastoral supervision back in 2018, Sarah has successfully completed the Wesley House Diploma and offers supervision to officers and other clergy. Within the Valuing People Strategy Sarah is the lead for the Healthy & Flourishing Environments stream and is passionate about increasing access to reflective practice spaces and other forms of accompanied development for all in ministry.

Kate Gartside

I am a mother of 2 grown up children both taller than me and 4 grandchildren rapidly growing taller than me!  I have a husband who supports me along the road I travel, and I’m a retired URC Minister who is still involved in church work.  I’m passionate about Pastoral Supervision and have been for many a year, prior to entering full time ministry I was a counsellor and supervisor and realised immediately that ministry is a lonely business and one in which the demands are high. I saw the seeds of APSE take root and kept ‘an eye on what was happening’, I also realised what a benefit it would be to create ‘a safe space’ for those in ministry and upon retirement worked in a task group to help the URC decide on a policy for its ministers.   I also became a member of APSE in 2018, felt God call me into the role of Pastoral Supervisor and have since had the joy of sharing in the North West Regional group meetings, APSE conferences and workshops leading me to meet other Pastoral Supervisors, many of whom have encouraged me along the way.  If you asked me why I want to serve as a trustee, my only reply would be, ‘I’m not sure I do’… but I’ve been asked, I’ve prayed about this and feel that it is a step I am being asked to take along the road I am travelling and one that I have time, energy and enthusiasm for.   I won’t always get it right but there are good folk alongside me who will guide me when I need direction and I have the humility to take advice.  Thank you for considering me for this role and may God guide you as you vote and guide me as I serve.