North West England

North West England

Meeting report by Elizabeth Hall:-

Members of APSE North-West Regional Group met on Zoom in January. At our meeting, Revd Professor Peter Gubi presented a video on research undertaken by him alongside Sally Bubbers, Deanne Gardner, William Mullally & Tuntufye Anangisye Mwenisongole. The focus of the research was ‘Supervisees’ perceptions of the benefits and limitations of pastoral/reflective supervision among Christian clergy in the UK’.

After his presentation, Peter invited questions and comments asking us all to focus on what might have surprised us and what might have been of interest.

Areas of surprise included the value of pastoral supervision to those who had been in ministry for a long time and the way in which ministers in this position had embraced the idea of pastoral supervision. For some, the element of surprise was in the reaction of those who had been in ministry for longer, we might have anticipated these minsters would have been more resistant to the concept.

Areas of interest included the role of line managers as pastoral supervisors.  The research highlighted a preference with some participants feeling the line manager role hindered the supervisory relationship and our discussion also considered whether pastoral supervision from outside the denomination was more effective or desirable.  A variety of views were expressed with some of us wondering if an understanding of a denomination was important and others considering the nature of the supervisory relationship to be more significant.

As practitioners with a variety of experiences, the structure of pastoral supervision sessions was of interest as some research participants found sessions to be overly structured or focussed on a particular model.  This led to a fascinating discussion of neurodiversity and how as practitioners we can support those who are neuro diverse.  This was of such interest that our next meeting will focus on this topic.

Peter’s presentation was greatly appreciated by members, providing plenty to reflect on, particularly in the area of neuro diversity.

THE North West Regional Group of APSE was started in January 2021 and has been welcoming members ever since.  We currently meet 3 times a year, we meet via Zoom in January and September (2 hours) and have an in-person meeting in May/June (3-4 hours including lunch together).   Our members come from across the region and our sessions include a combination of presentations and the sharing of information combined with a joint willingness to provide a supportive, encouraging group in which we can share skills and develop as Pastoral Supervisors. and of course getting to know one another.  We welcome new members and if there is no regional group in your area then perhaps you would like to join our Zoom sessions.
If you would like further information please contact Kate Gartside on Phone: 07787 532537.