North West England

North West England

THE North West Regional Group held its first Meeting in January 2021 and we currently have 11 members.  We decided to meet 3 times per year and at present our meetings are on Zoom although as the Covid rules change we may incorporate some face-to-face meetings.

Our members are from various parts of the North West Region and come from a wide range of disciplines.  We seek to support and encourage one another, to share skills and knowledge and to have fun.  We have drafted a working agreement that we hope will be adopted at the next meeting and is available on request.
If you are interested in joining our group please contact:-
Louise Moore             tel: 07729 385830
Kate Gartside.                    tel: 07787 532537


“IT is good to report that we have finally established a North West Regional Group,” writes Kate Gartside.
“Everyone seemed to arrive with a smile on their face and there was certainly much enthusiasm as
we shared our background and the situations we worked and served in. It is fair to say we come
from a variety of backgrounds and a variety of experience/experiences.

Like many organisations we have all learned to work virtually and we had an interesting discussion around the benefits and drawbacks of both face-to-face meetings and virtual meetings.
We also brought our own hopes and needs for the group and what developed was a working agreement that included values that we all wanted to embrace. These covered areas such as a commitment to attending meetings when possible, risking the sharing of self and a commitment to the safety and confidentiality in the group.

Amidst all that, there was laughter and a sharing of information combined with a joint willingness to provide a supportive, encouraging group in which we can share skills and develop as Pastoral Supervisors. I for one went away feeling encouraged, welcomed and looking forward to the next meeting.”