Recommended Reading

Recommended Reading

Members are encouraged to share books and journals that they have found helpful. Please mail suggestions to


Droichead, The Journal of the Supervisors Association of Ireland.

Reflective Practice: Formation and Supervision in Ministry seeks to provide a framework for reflection on supervision and formation for a range of ministries, in a variety of contexts, and from different faith traditions. Available online as an OPEN ACCESS journal FREE to anyone without registration at: Simply click on ‘Current’ to read volume 33 and archives for past issues.


Group Supervision: Notes for Beginners by Michael Paterson and Liz
Crumlish. This timely book is the first to appear exclusively devoted to
group supervision for over a decade. It takes a soulful approach and
roots the practice of group supervision in life in community.

A Practical Christology for Pastoral Supervision by Geoff Broughton, London: Routledge 2021. This book by the leading voice in pastoral supervision in Australia, deepens the theological basis for the practice of pastoral supervision within the life and ministry of the Christian church.

Pastoral Supervision: Creativity in Action by Michael Paterson with poetry by Liz Crumlish and graduates of the IPSRP Diploma in Supervision. This practical books lifts supervision off the page and shows how art, music, movement, drama and creative writing can enliven supervision for supervisors and supervisees. IPSRP Publications, 2021.

A Charge to Keep I Have: Reflective Supervision and the Renewal of Christian Leadership. by Jane Leach, 2020 A book of great depth and practical wisdom by the founding Chair of APSE.

Reflective Practice Groups for Clergy: Offering Pastoral Supervision, Well-Being Support and Spiritual Formation in Community, by Peter Madsen Gubi with Jan Korria and William West, University of Chester Press, 2020.

Between a Rock and a Hard Place: Pastoral Supervision Revisited and Revisioned by Michael Paterson, IPSRP Publications 2020. This book reflects includes material first presented at the APSE 10th Anniversary conference.

Living in the Gaze of God: Supervision and Ministerial Flourishing by Helen D. Cameron, London: SCM, 2018 This book offers a poetic and deeply biblical invitation into a deeper relationship with God, self and other.

Reflexive Supervision:A Workbook for Learning within and across Professions by Bobby MooreAmazon, 2017 In what has been termed the most original book to have been written about supervision in a decade, Bobby Moore takes us beyond the pastoral or therapeutic paradigms and introduces us to the role of the mirror neuron system in supervision.

What Counsellors and Spiritual Directors Can Learn from Each Other: Ethical Practice, Training and Supervision edited by Peter Gubi, 2017, London: Jessica Kingsley.

Pastoral Supervision: A Handbook (2nd Edition) by APSE founding members Jane Leach & Michael Paterson, London: SCM, 2015. This practical book places pastoral supervision within a theology of ministry and offers practical guidance for supervision.

Enriching Ministry: Pastoral supervision in Practice edited by Michael Paterson & Jessica Rose, London: SCM, 2014. A rich yet digestible feast of a book – an essential read for all concerned with training and sustaining those in ministry.

Supervision for Coaches by Hilary Cochrane and Trudi Newton (2012) available from

Psychology for Pastoral Contexts: A Handbook by Jessica Rose, London: SCM 2013. This clear and accessible book offers a fresh perspective on the application of psychology in a wide range of pastoral activity. It presents a model of pastoral care that is Eucharistic and incarnational – a form of participation in the community. This is an informative and practical book, bringing together the insights of contemporary psychology with a theological understanding of pastoral contexts. The many illustrations from personal experiences ground the theory in real-life situations.

The Soul of Supervision: Integrating Practice and Theory by Margaret Benefiel & Ger Holton, Morehouse, 2010.

Courageous Conversations: The Teaching and Learning of Pastoral Supervision by William de Long, University Press of America, 2009.

On Being a Supervisee: Creating Learning Partnerships (2nd Edition) by Maria Gilbert and Michael Carroll, Edgar H. Schein Berrett-Koehler Publishers 2009. This book aims to empower supervisees to take responsibility for their supervision and for their learning and to persuade supervisors and organisations that pay for supervision to allow them to do so.