Recommended Reading

Recommended Reading

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Reflective Practice: Formation and Supervision in Ministry seeks to provide a framework for reflection on supervision and formation for a range of ministries, in a variety of contexts, and from different faith traditions. 

Volume 33 is now online as an OPEN ACCESS journal FREE to anyone without registration at: Simply click on ‘Current’ to read volume 33 and archives for past issues. The theme for Volume 33 is Spirituality in Formation and Supervision. This volume is particularly notable for eight entries on Moral Injury. A limited number of hard copies are printed and available at $25 plus shipping.

Volumes dating back to 2001 (when it was The Journal of Supervision and Training in Ministry) are available by clicking on Archives. Hard copies of back issues of The Journal of Supervision and Training in Ministry and volumes 27-29 of Reflective Practice are available FREE for the cost of shipping. Check the website for information about ordering hard copies of back issues and Volume 33. Herbert Anderson, Editor (


Supervision for Coaches

by Hilary Cochrane and Trudi Newton (2012)

available from

Supervision is becoming a key component in the professional development of coaches. It helps to maintain ethical standards and provides the coach’s practice with challenge and support. This in turn helps to add value to the coach’s clients and the wider systems that the clients influence.

It is written by two women who have been in the forefront of bringing good supervision into coaching and designing excellent training programmes to enable coaches to extend their skills into supervision. Based on the belief that “how we work is who we are” the book is about how coach and supervisor build a place of continuing enquiry into “who” the coach is and the way in which that manifests in the “how”.

The book is for people who are already trained as supervisors and want to continue to develop and deepen their skills; and those who want to develop both their work and their philosophy for supervision.
Hilary is accredited to the International Coach Federation as a Master Certified Coach and Trudi is a Teaching and Supervising Transactional Analyst who developed the first coach supervisors training programme to be recognised by the International Coach Federation.

Beautifully produced, at 200 pages in loose-leaf format, Supervision for Coaches comes with accessories in a specially designed binder, priced at £29.50 + £5.50 p+p.

This website, linked to the book, includes a discussion forum for coach supervisors and further material to download.

Pastoral Supervision: Ministry, Spirit and Regulation

Cecelia Clegg’s chapter in Towards Professional Wisdom: Practical Deliberation in the People Professions edited by Liz Bondi, David Carr, Chris Clarke and Cecelia Clegg, Farnham Surrey: Ashgate Publishing, 2011 pp 219-231.

Dr Cecelia Clegg is Senior Lecturer, Practical Theology at the University of Edinburgh. Cecelia chaired the consultation that voted APSE into being in 2009. This chapter commends APSE.

Pastoral Supervision: A Handbook

by APSE founding members Jane Leach & Michael Paterson, London: SCM, 2010. This practical book places pastoral supervision within a theology of ministry and offers practical guidance for supervision.

Psychology for Pastoral Contexts: A Handbook

by Jessica Rose, SCM Press 2013.

This clear and accessible book offers a fresh perspective on the application of psychology in a wide range of pastoral activity. It presents a model of pastoral care that is Eucharistic and incarnational – a form of participation in the community.

The book goes on to discuss the nature of the unconscious and three core areas in mental well-being: attachment, sexuality and loss. It then addresses specific issues in mental health such as depression, addiction, psychotic breakdown and eating disorder, all within the context of pastoral relationships. A final section explores the nature of betrayal and the meaning of forgiveness.

This is an informative and practical book, bringing together the insights of contemporary psychology with a theological understanding of pastoral contexts. The many illustrations from personal experiences ground the theory in real-life situations. ‘This timely and readable book will surely become a foundational text for those in pastoral ministry’ – Fr Tony Nolan.

The Soul of Supervision: Integrating Practice and Theory

by Margaret Benefiel & Ger Holton, Morehouse, 2010.

Courageous Conversations: The Teaching and Learning of Pastoral Supervision

by William de Long, University Press of America, 2009.

On Being a Supervisee: Creating Learning Partnerships (2nd Edition)

by Maria Gilbert and Michael Carroll. This book aims to empower supervisees to take responsibility for their supervision and for their learning and to persuade supervisors and organisations that pay for supervision to allow them to do so.

Helping: How to offer, give and receive help. Understanding effective dynamics in one-to-one, group and organisational relationships

Edgar H. Schein Berrett-Koehler Publishers 2009.

ENRICHING MINISTRY:Pastoral supervision in Practice

Editors Michael Paterson & Jessica Rose
“Enriching Ministry” provides pastoral supervision with a seminal work. Through its 12 contributing authors – all at the forefront of developing and delivering quality pastoral supervision – it comprehensively maps the terrain of this emerging discipline. It combines scholarly treatise with moving accounts of what pastoral supervision means to individual ministers. It establishes the subject firmly within a theological base, incorporating what psychological concepts have to offer. Risks and creativity of the process are explored and contextual issues considered. A rich yet digestible feast of a book – an essential read for all concerned with training and sustaining those in ministry.