Jane Bingham

Supervisor & Adult Educator
Doncaster, South Yorkshire
NE England

Senior Accredited Member

Contact Details
Tel: 07986 488103

JANE is an experienced supervisor and adult educator whose current role focusses on pastoral supervision and reflective/conversation spaces for ordained ministers as part of her work in the Methodist Church. She has a passion for encouraging self-awareness and development in all forms of lay or ordained ministry and sees value in supervision in all kinds of settings to enable deeper self-understanding and transformative outcomes. Jane enjoys working cross professionally, having worked in the private, public and charitable sectors, and has Diploma level qualifications in both individual and group supervision. Jane also has certificated expertise in facilitating Action Learning Sets and offering insight using the Myers Briggs Type Indicator to Step 2. Jane is privileged to hold Senior Accreditation with APSE alongside her professional qualifications as an adult educator. She is interested in film, music and art which offer complementary joys to her working life. In person /online sessions available. Fees available on request. Professional Liability Insurance – Yes