Next meeting: Wednesday 16th September via Zoom, 10.30am -12.30pm, with a quarter of an hour coffee break about halfway through. Depending on numbers, we’ll use breakout rooms for checking in with each other, then have a full group discussion after coffee.
Convener Gill Carding says: “One of the topics for discussion that was mentioned when planning the year ahead, was contracts/covenanting. This seems probably an apt one for September, as I guess the prospect of working online on a more long-term basis than initially anticipated, and starting with new pastoral supervisees online, as opposed to transferring from face to face contact to electronic means, might well be exercising members’ minds at that point. Discussion may broaden to other aspects of working in the “New Normal”.
Please let me know if you can come by Friday 11th September. There are several new members since the last meeting in March just before lockdown, and we particularly look forward to welcoming them. Sally Ann Bubbers will send the Zoom invite out a day or so before the meeting.”


About 40 APSE members from a range of disciplines are linked with the Midlands Group which meets once a term in Central Birmingham. We meet on a variety of days, usually from 11 – 3. Our programme is varied and has included:

  • Updates from members
  • Updates from the Executive and national developments
  • Group supervision of an issue brought by a member
  • A workshop exploring film as a reflective medium
  • News of how supervision and formation are being used in the training of ministerial candidates in the Catholic Church

The group is friendly, supportive and filled with people who make a good contribution to our lively conversations. We have fun together! We are looking for new things to include in future meetings but the core will continue to be creating a safe place to offer support to one another.

For further information please contact the convener of the group: Gill Carding on gillcarding@btinternet.com