About 40 APSE members from a range of disciplines are linked with the Midlands Group which meets once a term in Central Birmingham. We meet on a variety of days, usually from 11 – 3. Our programme is varied and has included:

  • Updates from members
  • Updates from the Executive and national developments
  • Group supervision of an issue brought by a member
  • A workshop exploring film as a reflective medium
  • News of how supervision and formation are being used in the training of ministerial candidates in the Catholic Church

The group is friendly, supportive and filled with people who make a good contribution to our lively conversations. We have fun together! We are looking for new things to include in future meetings but the core will continue to be creating a safe place to offer support to one another.

For further information please contact the convener of the group: Gill Carding on gillcarding@btinternet.com