THE Scottish regional group continues to grow, in large part due to people graduating from IPSRP Pastoral Supervision training which now runs regularly in Edinburgh and Glasgow. The regional group meets for mutual support around 3 times a year and has members in Inverness, Aberdeen, Fife, Dundee, Edinburgh and Glasgow and various places in between. Meeting in Glasgow, Edinburgh or Perth, often meeting on Fridays, dates are decided by Doodle poll. Members take it in turns to facilitate the gatherings and to offer a theme for our time together. We are also trialling the use of Zoom to aid linking in with members in different parts of Scotland.

For more information please contact Elizabeth White

Next Meeting

Friday 17th January, 2020: 10.30am, coffee, meeting 11am-1pm in Glasgow.
Our theme is ‘The Signs of the Times’ and will be facilitated by Lisa Curtice
Who knows what the state of the nation(s) will be by the time we next meet? The only certainty is uncertainty – and that our capacity to ‘read across’ situations and opinions different from our own will remain impaired. Building on the importance of contextual sensitivity in supervision, we will focus on the impact of context. What are the range of contexts on which our supervisees are working and living? What do they show us is broken or dead, and what hopeful, in these environments? What does this tell about the ‘signs of the times’ for our supervision at present? And what are we learning from our supervisees about how they manage to be fully alive in their everyday contexts? Our time will include examples of specific contexts in which folk are supervising and sharing around these questions.
For more information contact Elizabeth White

Spring meeting: Friday 20th March, 10.30am, coffee, 11am-1pm in Perth. Theme TBC.

Greetings from Scotland!