SW England

There is an active South West Regional APSE Group which has members in Bristol, South Wales, Plymouth, Exeter, Cornwall, Taunton, Southampton and several places in between. Please contact SW regional coordinator Peter Henderson peter.henderson@urc.org.uk

Report from November 27th meeting

SEVEN people attended the South Western Regional Group meeting in Exeter in November.
Each person shared their connection and interest in the work of pastoral supervision. The value of meeting to listen and to be heard, and developing relationships was emphasised.
Three of those present gave a comprehensive summary of the APSE2018 Conference, sharing learning and what had been of interest and inspiration. When sharing resources and other learning materials there was an informed conversation around insurance.
The final portion of the day was spent in two group conversations. The first explored how we approach supervising a client who we find challenges us. The second was concerned with how people are trained in their role as selectors for those presenting for ordained ministry.
The day was bookended with silence. This contrasted with and complemented the fun we had in between.
The South Western Regional Group has been meeting four times a year. Those who have been able to attend most of the meetings are finding that the group is gelling such that discussion of deep and/or personal aspects of practice is easier.
We hope to meet again in February 2019, perhaps at a new venue, in our quest to include more of our highly dispersed membership.