“Right Use of Power” Workshop

‘Right Use of Power’ Workshop

RESPONDING to interest, this is a re-run of a workshop first held in November 2019

“Hugely interesting and enjoyable – it’s made me think about power in a completely new way. I’ve already noticed myself re-framing the ways I approach things. I’d thoroughly recommend this inspiring course.”

Many people in caring roles are cautious about the idea of power, not wishing to have ‘power over’ others. Come and join a workshop affirming positive relationship to role power.

Saturday 23rd May 10.30 – 1pm in Edinburgh, 3min walk from Haymarket Station

Power is the ability to influence and be influenced by others. Power is relational, and relationships can be messy. Good intentions are essential, but not enough to ensure we use our power well; we make mistakes, or even under-use the appropriate power we have to effect change. Most misuses of power happen when those who have influence due to their roles misjudge the impact on others; limited knowledge of power dynamics can leave us adrift. This event explores how we can relate positively to power with reflection, sensitivity and heart, and offer reparation when difficulties occur. For faith leaders, pastoral teams, teachers, counsellors, spiritual companions etc.

Elizabeth White is a spiritual director and senior accredited pastoral supervisor. Having formerly co-ordinated the adult learning programme for the Diocese of Edinburgh, she now offers group and individual opportunities for spiritual reflection on life and work.

12 places available, £25 each. Enquiries and bookings: elizabeth@reflectivespaces.org.uk

“Very well presented with lots of material”

“Great seminar and so relevant to everyone!”