Soul Care Workshops

FOUR individual Saturday afternoon workshops for those who tend their own soul, or who help to care for others’ spiritual wellbeing. CPD certificates available.

1.30pm – 4pm, 10-min walk from Waverley Station, Edinburgh; (Elizabeth White can help with B&B ideas).

28th September 2019: The Masculine Soul

CAN masculinity be both wild and sacred? In a post-Weinstein, ‘me too’ world, can poet Mary Oliver’s soulful exhortation to “let the soft animal of your body love what it loves” truly apply to men?
This interactive workshop seeks to go beyond the often-binary media narrative in search of the distinctive gifts and spiritual needs of men, and to explore how men and women might experience ‘the masculine soul’.
All genders are warmly welcome. With Nick Thorpe, an award-winning writer, coach and speaker on subjects ranging from risk-taking to male rites of passage.


23rd November 2019: Right Use of Power

WE all influence, and are influenced by, others whether we are aware of it or not.

How can we relate to power with reflection, sensitivity and heart? We will use webinar material from Psychotherapist Dr Cedar Barstow to explore our personal and positional relationship to power; helping us become aware of the pitfalls and how we can develop power-positive skills which can bring goodness, restoration and change.

For all involved in soul care roles and facilitated by Elizabeth White, a spiritual director and pastoral supervisor.

1st February 2020: The Dynamic Ignatian Exercises

Designed as an introduction to the dynamic of the Ignatian Spiritual Exercises, this event will include input, guided reflection and interactive ‘stations’ to open up an overview of the Exercises’ themes.

For those who are simply curious, those who would like to revisit their experience of making the Exercises, and those who offer them and would like to practice some visual and creative ways into the material. Open to all, with a maximum of 18 participants – book early! With Elizabeth White, who based her supervisory diploma project around the use of creative methods in the formation of spiritual directors.


25th April 2020: Exploring Spiritual Abuse

What is spiritual abuse? What are the key characteristics that lie behind this difficult label?

And what impact does the experience of spiritual abuse have on people’s lives? Through input from current research, discussion and plenary, this workshop will help ‘soul care practioners’ to consider the definitions and implications of these questions for their work.

Brief pointers may be given for accompanying those who have experienced abuse, but the main emphasis will be on what we need to be aware of as we hold safe, sacred space for others in 1:1 settings.

With Anne Solomon, Cheltenham-based psychologist, spiritual director and supervisor, she works and writes within the fruitful dialogue between spirituality and psychology.

Bookings via or email Each session is £25 including tea, coffee, cake and fruit.