‘The Right Use of Power’ workshop, Edinburgh

Saturday 23rd November 2019: Right Use of Power – a Reflective Spaces Workshop

POWER is the ability to influence and be influenced by others. Power is relational, and relationships can be messy. Good intentions are essential, but not enough to ensure we use our power well; we make mistakes, or even under-use the appropriate power we have to effect change. Most misuses of power happen when those who have influence due to their roles misjudge the impact on others; limited knowledge of power dynamics can leave us adrift.
Using material from psychotherapist Dr Cedar Barstow this event explores how we can relate positively to power with reflection, sensitivity and heart, and offer reparation when difficulties occur. For faith leaders, pastoral carers, counsellors etc. Suitable as a CPD event, certificates are available on request.
(1.30pm – 4pm, 10-min walk from Waverley Station, Edinburgh.)

Bookings – https://rightpower.brownpapertickets.com

Reflective Spaces – https://www.reflectivespaces.org.uk/