Why Accreditation?

This is a common question people ask. There are two sets of reasons to explain why accreditation is worthwhile.

From an individual perspective

  • Accreditation offers status for pastoral supervisors and educators who are able to demonstrate an understanding of and commitment to high standards of practice.
  • Accreditation enables employers to have confidence that the practitioner works competently and to professional standards, and that they are accountable to a professional organisation.
  • Some employers require pastoral supervisors to be accredited for employment purposes.

From a broader professional perspective

We want to encourage accreditation among pastoral supervisors so that we have a recognised professional standard for our work. This is important as:

  • Accreditation promotes best practice among our profession.
  • Accreditation shows we have processes for supervision, continual professional development and accountability.
  • Accreditation provides assurance for both employers and supervisees.
  • Having an accreditation organisation provides access to procedures for resolving complaints, should that become necessary.

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